Signs It’s Time To Call A Sprinkler & Irrigation Specialist

Below you will find the most common signs that you need to call in sprinkler and irrigation experts. While this brief list is far from comprehensive, it’s a good place to start if you are having issues with your sprinkler system. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us at NoCo Lawn Care for a free estimate on any and all lawn maintenance, landscaping, and sprinkler system repairs you might be in need of.

Your Water Bill Has Spiked

Have you noticed that your water bill keeps going up with each passing summer? No, that’s not inflation — it’s likely the result of your home’s sprinkler system needing a repair or replacement to improve its efficiency!

Poor Water Pressure

If you have a water pressure issue, you’ve probably got bigger problems. Loss of water pressure is usually an indicator of more serious problems lurking underneath the surface. Whether you have an automatic spray system or a drip irrigation system, this is something that should be investigated.

Uneven Watering

You might have random brown patches of grass popping up around your yard. Conversely, you might begin to notice part of your lawn is much more well-watered than others. Uneven watering is a problem that needs to be resolved quickly because it can cause damage that can last for years if left unchecked.

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